About Me

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Hey I'm Cecilia.L


Over the past few years, I have experienced the positive effects of divorce as well as the negative effects. For example, I had no income after the divorce because I was a full-time mum, I suffered from depression because of the divorce, and so on, all areas of my life were in trouble during that time.

But instead of falling into a downward spiral, I worked harder and harder to become a better person. I believe that every single mother can build a new life after divorce. That’s why I started Single mum dreamer, supporting divorced single mothers by sharing how I got out of my divorce slump and started working from home while taking care of my children.

If you, like me, consider yourself to be an ordinary person who doesn’t have a glamorous family background, a high level of education or even some vocational skills like others, I believe this website can definitely help you to go from zero to one.

Email: hello@mumdreamer.com